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Scenes from a Waiting Room:

I want more friends, but I can’t find my people. Quick background: My husband Ron has metastatic prostate cancer. This moment is happening while he...

In My Blood: What Makes Us Who We Are? 

I’m obsessed with the nature vs. nurture debate. What makes us who we are?  The nature part is easy: Mom’s green eyes, check. Dad’s high...
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Mom’s Last Laugh 

I will always remember the last time Mom laughed. It was January 2023, just weeks before we lost her to Alzheimer’s. From the start, Mom...
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Confessions of a Chronophobic: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

  I have chronophobia, which is the fear of time passing too quickly. Is this rational, you ask? No (I answer).  The Cleveland Clinic defines chronophobia...