Robin Bond

True-Life Stories

‘Cause you can’t make this $#@! up.

True-Life Stories

‘Cause you can’t make this s*&#@ up.

Robin Bond

About Robin

Welcome to my blog—I’m so glad we found each other!

A little about me: I’m a writer, TV producer, and serial entrepreneur who likes to laugh. Weird story: I lost everything a few years ago and couldn’t get a job as a cashier. I once had to give my house to the IRS. I have an Emmy. I held a top secret clearance that opened the doors to… NM I’d have to kill ya. I made a movie about the international women’s roller derby scene featuring/narrated by screen actress Juliette Lewis. And I write non-fiction. Constantly. ‘Cause you can’t make this s#&% up.

My husband Ron has had terminal cancer for the past eight years, which is hard and teaches us to taste the sweetness of a moment. Together, we’re at work on the book Love and Cancer. I just finished the first draft of my Appalachian-1885-true-crime-unsolved-murder-mystery book, The Silencing of Morgan Cove. I’m pretty sure it will be a #1 bestseller in the “Appalachian-1885-true-crime-unsolved-murder-mystery” category on Amazon.

By now you’re thinking, “Stories about cancer, murder, and roller derby? Yes, please.” But stay with me. I’m on a mission to bring the real and embarrassing things out into the light, where shit can be funny even when our hearts are breaking. I believe that what feels random is anything but—and that our soul’s purpose is clear if we pay attention and recognize the lessons, aka AFGOs (another f’ing growth opportunity).

My blog Save as Draft shares useful stuff like You Can Sleep When You’re DeadWhen Life Gets Too Stupid for Facebook, and Yes, Marie Kondo, This ALL Brings Me Joy.

Robin and Doggo

I love mafia movies and being a mom to daughters and pets. I hate typos and being thirsty. If my life continues along its ironic path, I’m sure I will be buried in a desert with a misspelled headstone.

Robin Bond
Beloved moter, friend and rider
Ride on, motor.

If you’re a kindred spirit whose parents have ever told you to “act normal," let’s chat. Let’s break down the real-life stuff, with all its absurdity and magic.


My Blog

This is a “not-a-lifestyle-blog” blog. True stories about stuff that really matters, much of which should never become a lifestyle. If you’re someone who’s ever failed at trying to act normal, let’s look under the hood together.

COMING Spring 2025: The Silencing of Morgan Cove:

Solving the 1885 Joyce Family Murders

On the morning of April 8, 1885, four members of the Joyce family were found among the charred remains of their farmhouse in Morgan Cove, North Carolina. The community’s shock turned to outrage when a quickly formed coroner’s jury found all four Joyces had been killed by either ax or knife. It became clear that the arson was an attempt to cover the crime of murder. Were the murders an attempt to cover the crime of robbery? Or something more sinister? The short list of suspects included William Jones and his 22-year-old son, rumored to be the father of Margaret Joyce’s illegitimate baby daughter. An arrest was finally made in August by an undercover detective who had been posing as an itinerant worker on the Jones farm. The Jones men were held in an Asheville jail for seven months until a circus-like trial in March 1886, starring a confident, well-dressed detective, Bill “Soda Pop Bill” Deaver, of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. After a 15-day trial that gripped the nation, the Jones men were acquitted for lack of evidence. The family promptly fled Morgan Cove for north Georgia, where records showed they lived and died. All except Frank.

Silencing Morgan Cove book cover


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